We’re always looking for attractive male and female escorts to join our agency. Working for ROSE ELM is unlike working for any other escort agency in the world. Not only do you reap the benefits of financial freedom, you choose when and where you’d like to work. If you’d like to tour another country to work, we help you every step of the way. Helping you choose the right destination and the right hotels that are on the more discreet side/no key card access and a gym as we’d like you to keep fit and release those endorphins. However the tours we organise for our escorts are for escorts we have developed an ongoing relationship with, we recommend escorting in your home country for some time before taking the leap. At ROSE ELM we also have a rewards system in places for our escorts. We like to reward you. As you can probably guess, our relationships with our clients can be quite intimate. We know when you’ve been doing a good job. If you end up being an absolute dream to work with i.e many extended bookings, many repeat clients, always punctual, many good reviews etc this does not go unnoticed. Not only does this benefit you greatly financially but we will also pamper you with free gym memberships, free meals for you and friends, spa packages etc. We want you to be happy. A happy you, usually results in happy customers too.

From our many years of working within the adult industry we’ve developed an extensive clientele list full of high caliber professionals seeking a bit of discreet fun or a part time girlfriend/boyfriend. The safety of our escorts is crucial. We do not skimp on this subject. We can discuss with you many of our safety and security options and transportation if this is needed.¬†Many of our female and gay male escorts feel safer having one of our guards accompany them to their bookings whilst waiting for them outside the hotel. If this is something you would like this can surely be arranged. Otherwise if you’d like to make your own way to bookings this is totally fine too.

YOU: You must be attractive, however: we understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder… You must be a great conversationalist, have hobbies and interests and be able to connect with people from all walks of life. You must be punctual and very reliable, and always be dressed appropriately. Grooming as you would have guessed is also very important. Once you have sent some information about yourself and attached some photos, if successful we will contact you to organise a good time to connect. We will need to see you and speak to you, so please do not apply if you have issues with us being able to see what you look like in real life. No previous experience is necessary as we can mentor you.