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The name of the company that will show up on your credit card statement will be totally unrelated to this kind of industry. Our friendly receptionist can send you a screen shot of an existing statement that shows exactly what will show up on your statement. We pride ourselves on discretion.
Yes our escorts travel. If you require a travel companion please bare in mind we will need a lot of personal details from you. All information is kept completely private. If you are living a more lavish lifestyle and wish for one or a group of escorts to be sent to you via private jet we can also organise this for you.
Please send us your location and date desired and which escort(s) you wish to fly in.
These escorts have a high social status. We do not show their images online. Please contact us if you are interested in booking one of our escorts of this category. The price varies depending on the model and please bare in mind the price will be higher than the escorts featured online. In some cases a privacy statement may need to be signed and sent back to us
Sure, if you are of a high profile we are always willing and able to sign a confidentiality agreement aswel as our escorts.
We use a secure online credit card system, the same as any reputable online store would use. You can view the privacy policy of the platform we use at