ROSE ELM are an international escort agency representing high caliber escorts all around the globe. We pride ourselves on quality escorts who
are educated, well mannered and easy to get along with. We want you to feel like you’re on a date with an old friend that’s smart, witty and humorous
where no strings are attached and hearts are racing.

For over 12 years Rose Elm has been establishing connections with professional men and women all over the world who have a taste for the finer things in life.  We pride ourselves on having strong, trusting friendships with our clients and always intend on bringing you the best models that we have on our books.

ROSE ELM is like no other escort agency, I’m sure you’ve already come to this conclusion yourself. Not only do we offer a beautiful, wide selection of escorts for all types of sexual orientations, we have a slightly different booking process. Gone are the days of archaic escort agencies that haven’t updated their websites in centuries.

As you can see; from our gallery some models don’t mind showing their face and others prefer to protect their privacy a little more. We also have a range of escorts that fit into, what we call our ‘Princess’ and ‘Prince’ category. These models are not featured on our website. They are too high profile themselves to show their images to the public. They are usually very well known via social media accounts or editorial fashion magazines.

‘Princess’ prices are between $1000 AUD – $3000 AUD per hour please email for more details

‘Prince’ gay & bi-sexual are also $1000 – $3000 an hour for your high profile stud.

Many of the escorts on our site are just as precious about their privacy as you are, as many escorts have normal jobs in their day to day lives such as nurses, models, actresses or perhaps in full time study. Some of our males might be male models, tradesmen or part of the fire brigade. Escorts come from a variety of backgrounds and for many of them this is a second job which they enjoy and reap the benefits from.



Its always best to send us an email before going ahead and booking online with haste, just to check our escorts availability. Once we’ve confirmed, you can then go ahead and pay the deposit via our website.

PRIVACY… Discretion is a key word here at Rose Elm. We use a secure online credit card system and the terms & conditions and privacy policy can be viewed at https://stripe.com/au/privacy

On your credit card statement, our agency is strategically named to sound more like an investment company than an escort agency, for ultimate discretion. Rose Elm will not show up on your statement. 

THE BOOKING SYSTEM… you choose the escort you’d like to spend some time with, you then select the amount of hours you’d like to spend with your model. Our website will calculate the deposit amount which is then deducted from the final amount you pay your escort in cash on the day. This is to secure your booking. It’s very easy and straight forward but if you’d like to talk to our manager regarding other ways of securing your booking please send us an email. However, we do prefer you use our online booking system, other methods such as BITCOIN and direct bank transfer are available. Our manager can also instruct you on the workings of BITCOIN plus where to buy if you’re not familiar with using them. Please don’t forget to select your country location from the drop down menu as this is to convert the price to your currency.

Please don’t hesitate to send us an email if you have an queries or questions, one of our friendly receptionists will be able to help you.